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Magical Mist Rosemary Hydrosol

Herb Wise Therapeutic Botanicals

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Herb Wise Botanicals offers our own steam-distilled pure hydrosols (plant waters with their essential oils) from plants grown and gathered from the gardens and land right here on beautiful Cobb Mountain. All collected and distilled under celestial correspondence. 

Use our Rosemary Magical Mist (aka rosemary hydrosol) as an air and space refresher, which is especially nice while traveling. Use it to also awaken your mind serenely, enhance memory skills and release the stress that your shoulders push up into your ears.
As a hydrating skin and hair mist, and you may find our Rosemary Magical Mist particularly helpful with hair growth. Rosemary oil has been shown to help with hair and scalp health, and this hydrosol is a simple way to apply this on the go.

Rosemary is also a helpful friend to our nervous system, offering a calming hand to help us bridge ourselves through some of life’s passages and stressful transitions. 

The rich, grounding aromatics of rosemary’s pine-like, woodsy and slightly citrus notes with just a hint of mint are complex and certainly more than just a simple garnish on a dinner plate. There is so much magic in this humble shrub! 

2 oz Cobalt Blue Glass bottle with spray mister top