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See what people are saying about Herb Wise!

"Someone in my office has your Rose Spray. It is to die for!  I am going to order some right now!"

"My infant was crying and restless, I sprayed the Sweet Baby Dreams Spray and it instantly calmed my son like magic"

"I love the Cushy Tushy, really helps with my baby's diaper rash and is so gentle and the slight aroma of chamomile is lovely"

"I enjoy using the Lemongrass Spray in between clients to to clear the space and freshen the room"

"The Holy Neroli is Pure Bliss in a Bottle!"

"The Arnica Body Soothe Spray is fast working and so soothing on my muscles and joints, I can't believe it is from plants!"

"Thank you for making the SciacticAhhh! formula it has been an important part of my healing process -- it smells great, helps my pain and puts me in a great mood!"


"I use the Lavender Balm nightly on my temples to help me relax and it helps my headaches too!"

"My daughter and I have a ritual when I pick her up after school we each spray the Lovely Lavender Spray on our faces, it is so fun!"

"The Wonderful Rose Balm is a favorite of my clients, it is perfect for applying to the lips during spa treatments, I love the color!"

"Having Herb Wise Products in my Massage practice has taken it to a whole new level -- My Clients love all the oils and sprays, and I love using such transformative products in my hands!"