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About Us

Hilary DuBois, the formulater for Herb Wise Botanicals, is an Herbalist living in Northern California on beautiful Cobb Mountain. Hilary has had the opportunity to have studied herbalism with some of the most recognized and knowledgeable herbalists in their fields; Diana De Luca, Terri Jensen, Karen Aguiar, Kami McBride, Kathi Keville, Andrea Butje, Mathew Wood, Rosemary Gladstar and many other gifted teachers. For more than 30 years, she has continually researched and studied the healing properties of plants and their most effective uses in herbal remedies. Hilary has studied Herbal Medicine Making, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Herbal Therapeutics, Homeopathy, Plant Spirit and Vibrational Medicine with a focus on Energetics and in more recent years  Plant Alchemy (Prima Materia) with Master Alchemist Robert A Bartlett, Sajah Popham of Evolutionary Herbalism and Medical Astrology with the incomparable and well published Judith Hill.
Additional courses regarding various Agriculture and Horticulture practices including Organic and Sustainable Farming  & the practices of Dr Rudolf Steiner's Biodynamics have been invaluable.  Hilary has also learned from the plants themselves; how they can heal on an energetic level in order to assist the human body and spirit to live well.


The acquisition of this knowledge inspired Herb Wise Therapeutic Botanicals, a collection of therapeutic, herbal, topical products that are effective medicinally and truly nurture the relationship between the plant world and the human spirit.

All therapeutic quality ingredients are authentically grown and processed. This includes Organic, Biodynamic, Demeter, Ethically Wild Crafted and other classifications. The Skin Sprays do not contain alcohol. Extracts are made with Biodynamic grape spirits ( alcohol) and are added in small amounts to amplify the synergy of ingredients in some of the Salves, Balms and Oils.

Arnica Body Soothe, Carpal Cuddle and SciacticAhhhh! are some examples. 

All formulas include high quality ethically sourced medicinal herbs, pure organic base oils and Organic Essential Oils as well as Vibrational Essences from plants, the earth and the cosmos. Vibrational Essences are the imprint or "personality" of a substance accessed in an energetic way. These Vibrational Essences can be an integral part for promoting healing on many levels. For more information on these or other ingredients please contact Hilary DuBois.

Hilary and Herb Wise would like to Thank:

First and foremost, the Plant World for its generosity & endless wisdom.

Steve DuBois, I am eternally grateful for your unconditional love and continuous support. Thank you to a dear friend and gifted herbalist, Irene Blomberg, for introducing and sharing basic etiquette regarding communication in the Plant World many moons ago. Thank you to the many teachers and herbal community who have shared themselves and inspired this co-creation with Nature. Heartfelt appreciation to supportive family, friends, and faithful community who, with their kindness have helped Herb Wise evolve to what it is today.
Thank you to each of my precious furry friends, many now in the unseen. Thankful for my current four footed sorcerer's apprentice, The Amazing Jazsper Scooby, for his loyal companionship through herb gathering adventures, the early mornings and late nights in our medicine den and out under the stars.

Hilary and Herb Wise are forever in appreciation!



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