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Auntie Hilary’s Blackberry Elderberry Respiratory Syrup

Herb Wise Therapeutic Botanicals

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This Elderberry syrup has reached perfection after ten years of refinement. I lovingly handcraft this immune-supportive syrup each year with local raw honey and sustainably sourced elderberries, mullein, blackberry, hawthorn, marshmallow, hibiscus, licorice, and other time-tested herbs that support immune and respiratory health. This blend is made even more special with the addition of blackberries for their rich antioxidant value and delicious flavor.

Feel a cold coming on? Take 2-3 teaspoons, 3-4 times daily.

This is a small-batch item that tends to go quickly, so stock up before it sells out!

*this batch lovingly prepared on 9/28

refrigerated shelf life up to 4 -6 months ....

for best consistency 1-4 months 

the syrup is so tasty and soothing  that most folks finish it long before that!

Cheers to Your Health and Well Being 

     250ml ( a little over 8 oz ) 

Amber glass bottle with tamper resistant cap

To maintain the freshness and integrity of the formula, please refrigerate upon receiving 

Please Note:

This is a very small batch specialty item that tends to go quickly , if sold out , Auntie Hilary recommends pre ordering and you will be notified of next batch date, which are often but not always around the New Moon and sometimes Full Moon depending on celestial correspondence.

Interested in ordering?

Please contact Hilary at 707 295 8053 to reserve for next batch offering 

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